Friday, 11 May 2012

Fergie: We Must Rebuild!

Manchester City will probably win the league and with an endless pit of money, it probably spells the end of Manchester United's dominance. Nowhere in the article I read does Sir Alex use the word "rebuild" but if it didn't stop a professional journalist writing about it, then it certainly won't stop me.

Not so long ago it was Chelsea who were throwing money around and winning everything. It seemed the end of Manchester United as the top team but then John Terry missed that penalty and United were back in charge. Now it's Man City's turn and Alex Ferguson is ready for battle-
"when Chelsea won the league two years in a row, we have to do something about it. We managed to do that, hopefully we can do it again.”
If the two Manchester teams do end on level points, can things not be decided by a literal battle between Sir Alex and Roberto Mancini? I imagine Mancini would be quite a stylish fighter - jabbing and moving, never letting his opponent get close. Alex Ferguson on the other hand would be more of a pub brawler - downing a pint of Tennent's before smashing the glass over your head and beating you to death with a pool cue.

Going back to the real and far more boring world, Sir Alex said Manchester United are in a good place with lots of good young players coming through. Mancini on the other hand doesn't give a shit about bringing through young players, he's probably going to buy Eden Hazard and Darren Mackie so that's the league next year sewn up.