Monday, 7 May 2012

FC Koln relegated, set stadium on fire

FC Koln fans are really chilled and accept losing with the utmost of dignity, if by dignity you mean 'burning things', which I do.

After losing 4-1 to Bayern Munich and thus confirming their exit from the Bundesliga, FC Koln fans set to work on setting fire to everything and having a thoroughly nice riot.  They threw smoke grenades and stormed the pitch as their team ran for their fucking lives, except Lukas Podolski who bid farewell to the home support before his move to Arsenal, by lapping the ground with a collection of heavily armed police officers.  It's how he always dreamt his last day at work would go and I can understand because it's almost exactly the same as I always wanted my last shift at Costcutters to go.  Except in real life more people died.  The good news is that I was on TV and that's good because I deserve that.  I'm so nice.