Friday, 4 May 2012

Fabio Capello wants Premier League job

Former England manager Fabio Capello has announced that he wants 'one more challenge' before retiring which should probably be rephrased as 'a really good pension'.  He really wants to stay in England.

The Italian coach says he wants to stay in London because he likes it so much and that pretty much limits his team choices to..... Chelsea.  He told The Times:
England would be very interesting for me because I know very well the teams and the players.  I want to manage a team that wants to win something, if possible.
The other most likely team for his employment would arguably be Liverpool but since there's more chance of Kenny Dalglish setting fire to himself than resigning, this seems unlikely.  Also, going from London to Liverpool for a job is like how Splinter must have felt when he heard he was going to train some 'real superheroes' except it turned out he had to live in a sewer instead of a house and there were just a bunch of gross turtles wandering around that he had to turn into a winning team.  There's only so long you can hang around Martin Skrtel before he does actually eat you.