Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Eden Hazard will sign for someone blue

Sexy winger Eden Hazard will definitely be gracing the Premier League next year and has given a rather large hint as to which team that might be for by saying it will definitely have a blue strip.  It makes his eyes just sparkle!

The Belgian player will leave French club Lille in the summer and seems quite likely to join Manchester City, with the only other blue team big enough to sign for being Chelsea.  It won't be Chelsea.  This kicks Arsenal, Man United and Spurs all out of the running for the £25million rated youngster.  Here's the proof, from the Daily Mirror:
"I have already said that my wish is to go to the Premier League," Hazard said. "It's the blue that I'll be wearing next season. Definitely the blue."
Man City can afford to pay him pretty much whatever he wants and thus he can buy as many blue things as he likes, wear as many blue clothes as he likes, live in a blue hose and even listen to music by Blue, or just the song 'Im Blue Da Ba Dee Da Ba Da' on repeat.  Although as I recall I don't think that song was about the emotional link between feeling blue and thus expressing this through the purchase and consumption of blue products and services, or even referencing the blues music genre.  I think it was just literally about liking the colour blue, quite a lot.

Eiffel 65 - The poets of a generation.  I'm off to eebeetsa to get crabs.  Magical.