Monday, 28 May 2012

Eden Hazard: "Chelsea, I choose you!"

Eden Hazard has apparently decided to reject approaches from Manchester United and City to sign for Champions of Europe, Chelsea. Even though they dont have a manager and he'll have to hang out near John Terry.

The Belgian winger seems to think he's very important and is hosting his own press conference to announce what club he's going to sign for. I don't care how good you are at something, you shouldn't be hosting your own press conferences for things likes this because it makes mine look poorly attended and irrelevant. Deciding to phone in sick for work is serious business guys, I thought the press would want to know. I however would like a pizza. I'm on a train again though and I don't think they do pizzas. The last guy on here I asked to make me one was very rude. Then again, he must be an idiot anyway. What kind of a train attendant dresses like a normal passenger? It's just confusing.