Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Di Canio maybe did a racism

Paolo Di Canio is the centre of controversy today after his club Swindon were forced to apologise for an 'inappropriate comment' made to French striker Jonathan Tehoue.

The Italian is alleged to have referred to Tehoue by his colour instead of his name, which he either forgot or didn't want to use, but Swindon publicly denied this and stood by their man.  Then their lawyer emailed Tehoue's lawyers:
"The club wishes to make it clear that it does not condone the reference made by Mr Di Canio during training on 29 March to your client."
Di Canio has apologised for whatever it was he said and I think it's a good thing that these incidents are achieving national press.  The more publicity it gets the less likely the brainless sheep are to ever use racist language, but conversely those who perhaps genuinely aren't racist might be punished for saying things they don't necessarily mean as offensive.  Like if you stand at the side of a pitch at an under 12s match and yell 'lose some weight fatty fat fat!' - I'm just trying to cure this nation's obesity problems on the front line.  I should get a medal!  Not punched.