Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Derek Riordan is bad at nights out

Derek Riordan was banned from every venue in Edinburgh for a while, because he's an absolute ball bag of the highest order.  Now the fun has started again with him being detained by police for an alleged assault in Scotland's capital city.

The former Celtic and Hibs player was at the HMV Picture House on Sunday night/Monday morning and something happened, which I assume was a fight, and he was kept back by police so is potentially involved somehow.  Just put him down.  Unless he hasn't done anything, which of course is quite possible.  Can we still do that anyway?  No?  Ah well.

If you're wondering about the picture then it's because I don't want his dirty little face sitting on my website for the next few hours.  I do however like when you go to the beach with a girl it's totally cool for them to just wear a bikini, even though she's basically naked and she's just like 'la la la'.  Like, you all find a nice spot and sit down but then there's this awkward moment when everyone checks out everyone else's girlfriends to see who's got the best deal, and this is totally fine because no-one knows where your eyes are if you wear sunglasses.  Bro code.  I don't then understand why girls get all screamy if I peak my head in a changing room in Top Shop - they do it in Europe ladies!  Get with the times.