Thursday, 31 May 2012

Demba Ba is desirable

Newcastle striker Demba Ba has a £7million release clause and Chelsea and Spurs both want to abuse it!

Ba hit 16 goals for the Toon Army last year but stopped when Papiss Cisse turned up and did all his work for him.  Now the Senegalese forward might take advantage of the form that had him linked with europe's elite for a few months last season and take a big pay increase, despite only signing a £50,000 a week deal last summer.

The release clause fires up on the 31st of May and ends on July 31st and Newcastle have so far refused to offer him a new contract based on one season's form.  Spurs want someone cheapish to replace Emmanuel Adebayor, who appears to eat money for sustenance, and Ba might fit the bill nicely, should he decide to go, so they'd have to act fast.  Specifically between those two dates.  Because after that he disappears to another dimension, or a portal to hell is opened and loads of evil versions of Demba Ba are unleashed upon the world and then you track down the original two to the top of a sky scraper but you can't tell which is good and which is evil, so you shoot one of them.  And then the one you've left alive says "oh thank god you shot the right one!  I love you, son" and then he turns to the camera and smiles, but his TEETH ARE EVIL! OH GOD WE SHOT THE WRONG ONE