Monday, 14 May 2012

Del Piero is really cool

Alessandro Del Piero is one of those players that everyone agrees is super cool and just an all round nice guy.  Now he's on the transfer market because he's left Juventus.  He did it in style!

Yeeeeehhhhh boi!  That's how you leave a club.  Del Piero ended his Juventus career by lifting the Scudetto after scoring a goal, the fans so desperate to pay tribute to him that he had to lap the pitch during the game to satisfy them.  In the 57th minute, Juve held up the number '10' and brought a 19 year long love story to end.

Every player said goodbye and Del Piero tried to sit on the bench and chill out but instead was cheered so much by the crowd that he had to go and high five everyone while they cried.  Del Piero was also pretty choked up and to make sure no-one saw him shed a tear, pretended to tie his shoe.  It's a foolproof method of protecting your legendary status and means that the Italian forward will be remembered as the awesome robot that he is.

Some people say to me, "JJ why don't you cry?  Is it because you are too cool?" and I say "well that's part of it, but secretly I am crying inside for the state of this planet" and then they go "ohhh I feel so selfish now" and I order a sausage roll.  Or maybe a scotch pie but they always seem to be coldish warm.  Warm is not hot.  It is warm.  It's actually more cold.  I wonder if Del Piero eats sausage rolls?  Probably not.