Thursday, 24 May 2012

David Villa will miss Euro 2012

Spain striker David Villa is going to miss Euro 2012 because he's injured.  I mean miss as in he can't play, not that he won't see it.  Because they probably have TVs in Spain now right?  Those crazy Europeans and their disco!

Barcelona's number 7 pulled out of the running to be in the squad because he's failed to recover from a leg break suffered at the start of last season.  He tweeted:
I've tried, but I can't be 100% to play the Eurocup. I called Del Bosque. It's the honest thing.
"Thanks to all of you for your support. I'll continue working to return as soon as possible with Barca and Spain."
I think that's a very noble thing to do and it must have been quite hard ruling himself out so as not to be a detriment to the team.  What a selfless gesture - it's one you'd think you'd see more.  MEANWHILE IN ENGLAND Sol Campbell and Owen Hargreaves are balancing anvils on the edge of mountains to try and injure anyone who looks like a footballer.

Meep meep indeed.  Meep meep brave soldiers.