Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Darren Fletcher might return

Scotland and Manchester United hero, Darren Fletcher, might be ready to train next season, having battled with pooping himself over the last 3 seasons.

Darren got a mystery illness which turned out to be a chronic bowel condition and has had to miss out on United's trophy-less season but hopes to be back in time for the next campaign.  Alex Ferguson told the BBC:
"We're hoping he will start pre-season training." 
He is on the recovery road at the moment in the sense of some work he is doing.
"But we can't assess it because we don't know enough about it.
I love Darren Fletcher because not only is he awesome at football, but he's a nice guy and probably the best player Scotland have had since James McFadden disappeared.  There were rumours he would have to officially retire last week so this is nice news.  

There's no joke here, I just think it's nice.