Monday, 7 May 2012

Chelsea won the FA Cup

Chelsea won the FA Cup.  This happened on Saturday.  Today is Monday.  Sorry about that.  HERE WE GO

Millionaires coming together to celebrate an increasingly unimportant trophy.  Isn't that such a wonderful sight?  The FA Cup final was moved to 5.15pm this year because that way it made more money for rich people and also because our friends in far away countries live in something they call a 'different time zone'.  Well la dee da Mr Scientist, and I suppose in this 'time zone' you all have magical flying cars and money trees and you don't always have to go to the bathroom with your uncle even though you're pretty sure you can manage on your own by now.  Although I think you're allowed to if your parents are at home.  I don't fully understand the rules on that one tbh.

Congratulations Chelsea, and especially you Roberto Di Matteo, for winning the like two games you had to in order to claim this trophy and then receive all the applause for something done by someone else.