Wednesday, 9 May 2012

cheat on girlfriend. wear spurs shirt

I'm really scarping the barrel for a story here. Some berk has cheated on his girlfriend and to show how sorry he is, he has recorded himself wearing a Spurs shirt at the Emirates. Oh and he's an Arsenal fan or else that wouldn't really mean anything at all.

Without question, the best thing about this photograph is the man in the hat. It's certainly not the twat in the Spurs shirt. So this guy who we will call Roger Knobsalot (he's actually called Luke McQueen), cheated on his girlfriend at a party. First of all I would like to point out to Roger that if you cheat on your girlfriend, you don't love her so there's no fucking point in doing any of this.

Arsenal and Spurs hate each other so by wearing the shirt he probably thought he was making a gesture like, "I would do anything to win you back". Actually he just went on to show that he has the loyalty of a hungry labrador. You could have written her a poem, bought her some flowers, sang her a song, bought her a pug - any of these things are way less embarrassing and wouldn't result in you getting your head kicked in, receiving 1000s of death threats and being banned from the stadium. Plus after all this, you still won't win her back. "I'm so sorry I shagged Becka at Bazza's party but I wore a Spurs strip so please take me back"- NO.

Luke filmed the cringe-worthy act and uploaded it to youtube. You can probably imagine all the kindhearted messages of support he got from his fellow Arsenal fans. Messages such as -
"You fucking mug cunt.the only thing i would do with that shirt is wipe my arse on it.i hope you get your teeth smashed in the next time you go over the Arsenal you fucking muppet"
Watch it- 

It turns out that he is actually a comedian and this was a "publicity stunt". Don't I feel like a dick, well more than normal anyway.