Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Carlos Tevez is smart

If there's one thing Carlos Tevez loves it's staying out of controversy and this is why he paraded a sign saying 'R.I.P Fergie' during Man City's title winning celebrations.

In his defence, Tevez hasn't bothered trying to learn English at all so he might have been told this says 'I'm from Argentina' and that's why he looks so happy.  Alternatively he might know a little bit but just not fully understand what that phrase actually means, but either way, Man City have had to apologise.
The creation of the tasteless material is in itself reprehensible and in accepting and brandishing it, Carlos has made a significant error of judgement.
"The club wishes to express its sincerest apologies to Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United Football Club for any offence or distress caused."
Tevez should probably be given another chance to not ruin everything because everyone deserves a second chance.  Some people even deserve a third, or even a forth.  Some other people just behave like idiots forever and are turned into millionaires because life is very fair.

Something else to remember is that people from South America are generally completely mental and that a riot is more of a celebration than something to police.  What could say 'congratulations' better than throwing a chair through a shop window and setting fire to a car?  I've yet to find a more expressive way, personally.

I don't get invited to a lot of parties anymore.