Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Carles Puyol will miss Euro 2012

Carles Puyol has broken everyone's heart by getting injured and being unable to play for Spain in Euro 2012 this summer.  Nooooooo

The Spanish defender, 34, has done something to his knee that means it's broken and therefore he cannot participate in the tournament due to begin in June.  The only plus side to this injury is that now Spain's team is so handsome that they can commit elaborate bank heists and no-one will really mind, because as audience, we'll be on their side.  Everyone loves a good looking person, no-one likes an ugly.

The other good news is that finally Carles Puyol will be able to eat whatever he wants for the next few weeks, with the reversed bad side being that this is dangerous if you are either a wild boar or small child.  Don't go outside after 9.  And don't get water on him.