Thursday, 10 May 2012

Cardiff City might go red

Cardiff City have been bought by some very wealthy Malaysian people who plan to make Cardiff one of the biggest teams ever.  BUT ONLY IF THEY WEAR RED STRIPS MWA HA HA

Ahh what a soothing colour blue is... wait a minute!  Cardiff play in blue, what's going on?!  From the BBC:
The club's Malaysian investors believe red is a more dynamic colour for marketing in Asia, as well as of more national significance in Wales.  While the shirts and club badge could change colour, Cardiff City sources categorically deny that the club - whose nickname is "the Bluebirds" - will become known as "the 'Red Dragons''.
This whole thing reminds a little bit of:

But at the same time if Cardiff ever legitimately want to achieve anything like winning a trophy, they need money and for some reason these guys have turned up and offered a whole bunch of it.  Some people get all preachy about people selling out, but if you love doing something and someone pays you a whole bunch of cash for it - why not take advantage?  My girlfriend loves it when I have sex with her and I give her money for it afterwards, so everyone wins.  Except me because she's actually a prostitute and won't answer my calls :-(