Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Capello is boring

I don't know what it is about Fabio Capello that I find so unappealing but the minute I hear his name my eyes try to escape into my brain.  wait, I mean the bath.  What.  No, what did you say?

Despite being statistically the must successful England manager of recent times, Capello finds himself behind a giant bird and a Portugeuse robot as Liverpool's choice of manager.  Roberto Martinez and AVB are both on their wish list and I can't tell if Capello is too, or that he just wants to be.  Like if that saying 'toss your hat in the ring' is a literal thing and that's what he's done, or whether he's phoned them up and said "hey it's Fabio I want to put my hat in your ring" and then they've construed that as a job application. It makes sense to me but try telling schools that when you apply.  Although I might have said 'fist' instead of hat by accident on that occasion, now I think about it.  Heroin is a very powerful drug, I can't be held responsible for everything I say.