Thursday, 31 May 2012

Brendan Rodgers is the Liverpool manager

Brendan Rodgers ended about 4 hours of speculation yesterday when he signed a 3 year deal with Liverpool to be their manager.

The Northern Irishman will take charge at Anfield once they have paid compensation to Swansea and will set about trying to take an under-performing, former european-power  to new highs in the Premier League and this should be easy because they only have like 12 other teams better then them just now.

Rodgers impressed at Swansea, taking them to England's top division and making them employ pass pass pass football that everyone pretends to enjoy when they talk about it but when you actually have to watch it it's appalling.  It's like when someone says to you "we should watch some old Jean-Luc Godard movie, it's beautifully shot and takes you on a dramatic journey like no other" and then you agree because you're feeling cultured on that day and then suddenly you're bored after like one hour, but there's another 4 to go at which point you decide you really just want to see someone get injured.  Or sent off.  Just anything.

This appointment is about as ambitious as a school boy writing down 'office worker' on his 'what I want to be' sheet.  I guess it's a bit better than writing 'violent promiscuous woman robot', but just look how I turned out!