Friday, 11 May 2012

The Blue Knights have been defeated

The Blue Knights rode in on their mighty steeds but their hoses have fucked off so they are getting the bus home. It's Friday and I have no idea what I'm talking about. Another bidder, this time the Blue Knights have pulled out of their bid for Rangers football club.

After weeks and weeks of negotiations and getting nowhere, they have decided to pull out. A bid of £11m was on the table and their plan was to bring back Walter Smith and Graeme Souness to form some sort of hard-man board who will headbutt anyone who gets in their way. 

The Administrators have said they will be accepting a big from a consortium of chaps who have experience owning clubs in England. Rangers' survival is the most important thing to the administrators and they don't really care about tradition or sentiment. 

My patience is wearing thin, I just want this to be over. At first I thought it was hilarious Rangers were going under but now it's like watching someone slowly drown. Can somebody pull out a metaphorical gun and shoot them through the head?