Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Big Sam to sue Steve Kean

By now everyone will have read my colleague's, or a real journalist's article about Steve Kean and "that" video. Big Sam has seen the video and reacted in the natural way, by suing him - hurray.

Allardyce was watching Jeremy Kyle and tucking into a bowl of Sugar Puffs, when he was made aware of the video of Steve Kean's ramblings. Kean is an utter embarrassment in life that video. There is nothing worse than seeing someone trying to act cool, like those dick heads who love to tell you exactly how much they drank on a night out and all the hilarious things their mate "mental Mike" did.  Big Sam was so shocked when he watched the video that by the time he composed himself, his cereal had gone completely soggy- a traumatic experience for even the toughest of men. 

In the video Kean calls Sam a "crook" and is rather uncomplimentary about his tenure in charge of Blackburn. Luckily he has his team of lawyers on speed-dial so it didn't take long for him to initiate legal proceedings. It's incredible to think that there is a manager out there who is an even worse person than Sam Allardyce. I expect Kean to be sacked, sued, piss away all his money, eventually get another manager's job somewhere down South - which will be another disaster and before we know i,t he will be the P.E teacher at my old secondary school.