Sunday, 20 May 2012

Big Sam is back

Football has been ace this season lots of goals, shit defending and plenty of old-fashioned good fun mentalness. Unfortunately that could be coming to an end, because Sam Allardyce is going to be back in the Premier League.

Allardyce looks like a giant evil hamster, which is fitting because hamsters eat each other and I have it on good authority that big Sam devoured his siblings when he was younger. West Ham defeated Blackpool 2-1 in the Championship play-off yesterday. West Ham fans don't like Allardyce much because he plays god-awful football and they only qualified via the play-offs, despite easily having the best squad on paper. 

Blackpool had plenty chances to win this game and it would have been nice to see their "all-out attack because they cannot defend" style back in the Premier League. Instead we have Big Sam and his "if you don't let us score we will kick you until you do" style. Perhaps I'm being harsh on Sam and West Ham but whether I care is a different question. Anyway, they scored the winner thanks to a late Ricardo Vaz Te goal after some weak goalkeeping from Gilks. Stephen Dobbie should have won the game just before hand but scuffed it and ruined it for everyone.

I hope Allardyce reads this and thinks, "you cheeky little shit, I'll show you! We are going to play 3-4-3 next season and all the fans will be cheering for Big Sam". Instead he will probably just sue me for slander and get his players to keep lumping up balls to Carlton Cole.