Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Balotelli will walk off if he gets abused

This whole 'Poland and Ukraine are racist' thing has picked up some legs in the last couple of days and what validity would a story have if Mario Balotelli wasn't somehow involved?  Some.

Mario has announced that if he receives racist abuse in Euro 2012 he will walk off the pitch and then kill whoever did it.

Balotelli told the BBC:
"If [racism] does happen I would leave the pitch and go home,"
"Racism is unacceptable to me, I cannot bear it. We are in 2012, it can't happen.
"If someone throws a banana at me in the street, I will go to prison because I will kill him."
So whatever you do, never drop a banana anywhere near Mario Balotelli if you walk past him on the street.  And if you do, just step on it as fast you can and fall over so that everyone laughs and forgets whatever awful situation almost came about.  This gets you out of most situations actually - children's birthdays, boring meetings, murder trials etc