Sunday, 13 May 2012

Athletic Bilbao fans are bad at geography

You may remember that recently there was a Europa League final, which Atletico Madrid won 3-0.  Some other people who will remember this are the 400 Bilbao fans who went to the wrong country to watch the game.

The final was held in Bucharest, Romania, which as we all know is where vampires come from.  Around 400 or so fans decided to head to Budapest, Hungary instead and were left stranded.  Well done.  I like it when Darwin's theory pops up now and again to remind us of what's going on, although I still don't understand how people who name their children after fashion designers manage to survive.  Maybe Jesus was right.  Rumours that Geoff Shreeves was the one that popped up in Hungary to tell the travelling group of fans are probably true, because that's what he's going to be remembered for forever now.  For making Branislav Ivanovic cry.