Friday, 4 May 2012

Aston Villa players fined for partying/fighting


In this hard to make out photograph are James Collins, Fabian Delph and Chris Herd, who are all footballers for Aston Villa.  After attending the 'Villa player of the year' awards these three thought it necessary to continue getting pissed until the early hours, which is actually usually a great idea, unless you are a gigantic cock.  In 26 years I have managed to avoid any single angry confrontation whilst being more drunk than the average bear all around the world, yet I read about these sorts of people every single day.

Aberdeen legend Alex McLeish said:
"It's the culture of one pint too many.  I feel for Randy Lerner and the fans but the players need to show some respect for themselves and the football club.  It's a slur on the club'
And then he told them to wise the fuck up and grow some balls, shouting 'you haven't seen what i've seen'.  McLeish looks like he's absolutely hammered 100% of the time but you don't see him getting red faced and shouting at random people for stuff they've done wrong.  Well you probably do but it's not televised, because it's just accepted as part of his culture and it's usually on the street.  Some say if you choose the right time of night you can watch him sleeping, on a bed of giant hawks that he has punched to death.