Friday, 4 May 2012

Arguably attractive Mansfield CEO arrested

Is she hot? arghhg it's really hard to tell.  Either way she's been arrested.  Ta daaaa

Carolyn Stills, 29, became the youngest CEO in English football when she took the role at Mansfield Town, who play in the Conference.  Very coincidentally, two weeks later she became engaged to John Radford, who is the chairman of the club, although that has absolutely nothing to do with how she got the job.  Just one look at those sumptuous titties and any doubts over her football business knowledge are wiped out.  Mmmmmm sexism.

Now Miss Stills finds herself in a spot of bother because she was arrested on Wednesday for "using threatening words and behaviour".  This happened at night and that is relevant because she used to be a female escort, which as we all know, means 'prostitute that looks like she has a shower occasionally'.  I don't actually know what it was she was doing.  For all I know she could have been howling at the moon.

She was given an 'adult' caution and was then released because I dunno, she fucked everyone in the jail.  Like every single person.  Because there's no way that a 29 year old woman is clever enough to have a job that is generally held by retarded, fat men born into wealth, who proceed to abuse it and hire assistants that end up ruining their marriages.