Monday, 21 May 2012

Antonio Conte likes the bookies

Juventus boss Antonio Conte has had to address questions surrounding rumours that he knew about match fixing whilst in charge of Siena.  He played it all cool

Conte responded to media questions after the revelation ahead of Juventus' Coppa Italia final:
“I don't have much to say. I've read that there’s an investigation, I'm very calm and I have faith in the institutions, who are just trying to do their jobs,” he stated at the time. 
“No one has called me, but when and if they do, it will be my pleasure to see them and answer their questions. 
“If anyone is looking to destabilise us, they'll find it hard to do. It will only make us more determined.”
Unfortunately it seems that these allegations did destabilise Juve because they lost the game, meaning that Del Piero's last match for the club was losing a final.  If you believe in any sort of god, what justice is it that Ross Turnbull got to touch the Champions League trophy and Del Piero's last game for Juventus was losing the Coppa Italia?  I honestly half expect Batman to turn up at Turnbull's house now