Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Another human in trouble for Twitter racism

Rangers "star" Kyle Bartley is in the news today because some teenager did a racism against him on Twitter, and then got arrested.

I'm so bored of reading these stories now. An 18 year old has been arrested by police after Rangers reported racist abuse on the social network, and now he's trying to explain to them why he's such an enormous fuck up that he not only thinks racist things, but he also posts them online.

The days of Internet anonymity are gone and now you can't just go round calling people cunts or stealing every movie you want to watch. This is a good thing for obvious reasons but its also really annoying because before everyone had access to the wonderful world of the internet it was a nice place. Why did the stupid people have to work out the Internet? You ruined it for the rest of us! Damn you all!