Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Yohan Cabaye wants Eden Hazard to go to Arsenal

Newcastle midfielder Yohan Cabaye has told his friend Eden Hazard that he should choose Arsenal over Spurs this summer because no-one knows where Harry Redknapp might be by then.

It's a pretty valid point and one that is sure to please Spurs fans everywhere as they watch every potential signing they had a realistic chance of getting going somewhere else while Redknapp draws up more pros and cons lists for the England job.  Newcastle's French midfielder said:
Tottenham or Arsenal? I recommend Arsenal. Spurs is a good club now but it's not clear who will be coach next season.
"Arsenal would be good for Hazard. Wenger speaks French and mentally Lille have a similar philosophy to Arsenal. I don't know if conversations are advanced but Arsenal would be the best club for Hazard.
I was buying food the other day in Co-Op and there was this absolute mink buying two crates of Stella at the self checkouts.  He was completely buckled and struggling to comprehend how the thing worked so just ended up walking out of the shop with the beer, leaving the till behind saying "please insert payment type" and then when it became clear he was long gone it started crying and tears of solid gold began pouring out onto the floor.  Then a spaceship took everyone in the shop away and gave us all a presentation on how you shouldn't start writing football articles unless you already have some sort of idea about how you are going to end them first.