Friday, 6 April 2012

Wolves are f***ed

Wolves are definitely going to get relegated, they are awful and they have an awful manager. Look on the bright side, things couldn't get any worse could they? Wait, is that Paul Ince saying he wants the job? Sorry guys.

Any chance Wolves had of staying up went down the toilet when they sacked Mick McCarthy and employed some guy they found in the pub to be their interim manager. Paul Ince has a reputation for being an atrocious manager so obviously felt he was the best candidate to replace McCarthy. 
"When I spoke to Jez about the situation, he said the job was about experience, but a day later they appointed Terry.
“With all due respect to TC, I’ve got more managerial experience than him. I’ve saved teams from relegation, I’ve got teams promoted and I’ve managed in the Premier League.
“But the job at the moment is about motivating players and the fans and I feel I can do that. I feel I should be at the club now.

Delusional doesn't quite describe Paul Ince. Just be careful if you tell him he's shit because he will pull the race card on you straight away. Incey actually believes that there is a chance he could be hired to "save" Wolves from now until the end of the season. With his passion and tactical nous by the end of the season he'd probably have Wolves in the final of the Champions League. That is in Paul Ince land of course, in Paul Ince land football managing is easy, you sit on the side of the pitch with a PS3 controller and if you are getting beat you just turn off the power. Unfortunately in the real world  Paul Ince is shit and so are Wolves.