Monday, 30 April 2012

Wayne Rooney is popular

Old lady banging striker, Wayne Rooney, has won a delicious award ahead of tonight's Premier League final, being named the most popular person to have on a shirt. As in loads of people get 'Rooney 10, on their football tops.

I have no idea where the people who gather this data get it from but apparently Rooney is ahead of Steven Gerrard, FERNANDO TORRES WTF, Cristiano Ronaldo and Frank Lampard in the popularity stakes when people get a name on the back of their shirt. I would like to assume David Beckham would have won this had he stayed at Manchester United but that's because I borderline genuinely want to fuck David Beckham. Also his wife. As long as she doesn't talk because girls suck. Especially her actually, because it would be all 'oh look at this fashion thing' and I would be like 'arghhhhg kill me'.

Some people might say its gay to want to have sex with David Beckham, and that's cool because I raise you this question: what's more gay? Going shopping for clothes or being pummelled by a chiseled sports star. Exactly.