Monday, 30 April 2012

Two Germans come to London

It could be the name of a terrible art-house film but alas I am referring to the signings of Lukas Podolski and Marko Marin. I say German, they are actually Polish and Yugoslavian - and people say Scotland are bad for stealing other nation's players.

Arsenal confirmed the signing of Podolski today, for what is believed to be around £10m. Nobody really knows but it's fun to make up numbers. By the time he signs for Arsenal he will be 27, which is incredible for a player who seems to have been around for about 20 years. Wenger seems pretty chuffed with himself and Arsenal fans must be delighted that they have actually signed someone good. Unfortunately for them it probably means they are selling Robin Van Persie this summer. There isn't room for two left-footed strikers and it surely doesn't take this long to sign a new contract does it? 
"Do you want to sign a new deal?" 

Marko Marin looks like a lovely chap, he also looks like a guy I play football with called Jim so that means I like him. Marin has signed for Chelsea for £8m. On his day Marin is brilliant, unfortunately he doesn't have too many of those days and has had a lot of injuries this season. Hopefully moving to Chelsea work out for him and all the pundits on Sky will say "Chelsea really have unearthed a gem!" - which is what they say about any player who plays in the Bundesliga. Then again, why would they bother watching German football, it's shit. When was the last time they had a team in the Champions League final? (I know, I know)