Monday, 23 April 2012

They take football seriously in Genoa

Playing football in Italy must be quite hard. In Britain, if you lose you might be shouted at by some fat guy wearing a tattoo. In Italy, if you lose you might have a large amount of fireworks thrown at you.

Genoa were 4-0 down to Siena in Serie A, their fans weren't pleased and the ultras demonstrated their anger by launching fireworks and flares onto the pitch. Not content that this hadn't made their feelings clear enough, they attempted to get onto the pitch and demanded the players remove their shirts. You may think that the Genoa ultras are a notorious randy mob with a sexual attraction to athletic young men. You could be right, but their reasoning was that the Genoa players don't deserve to wear the shirt because they are a bit rubbish.

Play was help up for 45 minutes and eventually the players gave in and gave up their shirts. One player managed to keep his pride and testicles, he goes by the name of Giuseppe Sculli. Other players were reduced to tears as they were bullied by the big scary boys with fireworks but not Sculli. He even squared up to one of the thugs, this is a man who's grandfather is a mobster so I don't think a couple of sparklers would scare him.

To his relief, Genoa manager Alberto Malesani was sacked after the game. He is supposed to be recovering back in his family home after the traumatic incident at the weekend. It took doctors six hours to remove a roman candle from his rectum and you don't even want to know where the ball rocket went. The clue is in the name.

Disclaimer - he didn't really get a roman candle lodged in his anal passage or receive a ball rocket down his urethra but he definitely did get sacked.