Thursday, 5 April 2012

The tale of Mario Balotelli and a prostitute

Mario Balotelli hasn't been on here for a few days so here's a story about him being relieved that people finally know he was banging a delicious prostitute for a while.  Mmmmm.

The Man City striker has expressed his relief that another skeleton in his closet, or in this case prostitute in his closet, has been made public and he doesn't have to worry about it anymore.  He told Gazzetta dello Sport:
I know I must still learn to keep my private life separate from my profession.  Recently, I admit, I have been troubled - because of this story, but not only
Then he went into some stuff about his parents and how energise he is now that this weight is off his shoulders.  The first thing i did upon hearing this news was look for the girl in question to see if she was hot or not, and she looks alright.  I wouldn't say it was worth £1200 a night, and certainly wouldnt say that to her face because it turns out girls don't like being rated in monetary value.

Regardess, I'm pretty sure that might be her but she doesn't look like how I imagine a prostitute should.  I am basing that largely on Grand Theft Auto and it's a good thing that I can separate reality from video games because otherwise I'd probably do some questionable stuff with this hooker after I've paid her.  Like go shopping and see a movie with Ryan Gosling in it.  He's so dreamy