Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Striker threatens teammates with paintball gun

I had never heard of Teó Gutiérrez before but the Colombian is supposed to be a notorious nutcase in South American football. He has been sacked by Racing Club for threatening his teammates with a paintball gun after getting himself sent off.

He looks like a man who would rip your face off and eat it if you said a bad word about his sister. Gutiérrez was red carded after insulting the referee, leaving his teammates to play the remaining 20-odd minutes with only nine players. In the changing room after the game, it is reported that some of the players weren't very happy and fighting broke out. Like the mild-mannered gentleman he is known as, Gutiérrez reacted in a calm fashion -threatening the other players with a paintball gun to the face.

Racing's trainer has made it clear that he will not play for the club again. This being South America, he isn't actually owned by the club but by an agent and an investment group. His scoring record is quite good so if you can scrape some money together, you could probably get him to play for your 5-a-side team for the rest of the season. Just don't ever piss him off or he will shoot you.