Sunday, 15 April 2012

Royston Drenthe is in trouble

Royston Drenthe sounds like a bag of crisps you'd buy in medieval times, but it also turns out that he's bad at turning up to training on time.  BRING ON THE DISCIPLINE!

Terrifying Scotsman David Moyes sent the winger home after he turned up late for training last week, and this has pretty much ended his chance of landing a permanent deal.  Liverpool are rumoured to be willing to match his £80,000 a week wages and take him across the pond, so this might suit the talented Dutchman better since you can play like a doomed horse and still get high fives from your boss in a red shirt.  There's nothing worse than having a scary boss and David Moyes looks so mental that if he invited you to his house for dinner you'd have to kill whatever animal he'd trapped in his garden before he can cook it.  Animal/human - if it's on his land it's fair game.