Monday, 30 April 2012

Roy Hodgson is the new England boss almost

Roy Hodgson met FA officials today to discuss his new job as England manager. Hooray!

Kenny Dalglish's best friend is set to be offered the job as England boss after those in charge deemed Harry Redknapp too much effort. It's a bit like if you really like this girl and you chase after her for ages, but she already has a boyfriend and its been going on for quite a while, so you go out to a bar one night to sort this out and after a couple of beers shag one of your old friends from uni because she used to be really hot and she's meant to be quite good at sex. Then you don't really care about Harry Redknapp anymore because you've had sex, and that's all that matters in life.

So with that incredible welcome, let's all say hello to Roy. Good luck with your impossible job, friend. The only way you are going to enjoy newspapers from now is if you use them as fuel for the fire in your future house on the streets.