Monday, 23 April 2012

Robin van Persie wins a prize

Loveable scamp Robin van Persie is super popular and now has a trophy to prove it!  It is called the 'PFA Player of the Year award.

The Arsenal striker has scored 200 goals this year, most with only the power of his chiselled good looks and some with his footballing skills.  Some say he prowls through people's gardens at night under the disguise of a woodland creature, scavenging through bins and stealing milk bottles to gain sustenance and grow ever stronger but those people are wrong because that is actually badgers, foxes and hedgehogs and the other part is students running away from whatever wacky japes they got up to.  Those crazy students!  When will they learn?  IN CLASS

p.s sorry for the lack of updates this month dear friends, I've been moving out of my house blah blah blah and Jack has been doing whatever he's been doing.  We're back on it now.  Promise