Thursday, 12 April 2012

Roberto Mancini is playing mind games/has given up

Manchester City absolutely destroyed West Brom yesterday, putting 4 goals past Ben Foster on their way to closing the gap on Manchester United.  Roberto Mancini doesn't really care though because it's over man.  IT'S OVER!

Despite the Sky Blues breezing past Woy Hodgson's team, manager Mancini dismissed his team's title chances and told a BBC reporter whatever 'meh' means in Italian:
"It is finished. Five points is too much.
"United have got fantastic spirit. We don't have this spirit."
The gap is only five points but he's probably right - teams don't usually win titles when they fight each other in the changing room, disappear to other countries half way through a season and don't really try.  Alternatively he could just be saying that so the United players all go 'wow we've won!  there's absolutely no reason to try now, let's just fanny around' and then BOOM - City sneak up behind and take the league on goal difference.  It's a bit like when my girlfriend told me I should just give up, stop trying and stop following her home but here we are, only several months later together again in the place we first met.  Sometimes court rooms can be so romantic!