Saturday, 7 April 2012

Roberto Mancini is in danger

Roberto Mancini has admitted that his long term future with the club probably isn't very secure since he's spent more money than some countries have and only come back with one trophy.

The Italian manager has conceded that he should probably have won the league this year, basically handing it over to Manchester United with his words.  He told the BBC:
"My relationship with Khaldoon is fantastic. I can say if he sacks me at the end of the season or next year - I don't know - I can say every manager that works with Khaldoon is very lucky. Khaldoon is a really good man.  When you choose the job you should know anything can happen any moment but I don't have any problem with this"
I can't tell whether Mancini is trying to play a reverse-mind game with his title opponents by sort of expecting to be sacked and pointing out that it's difficult to win the league now, or whether he's just gone into a mad free fall and doesn't care anymore.  I get the feeling we'll walk into his office at some point in the next few weeks and on his computer will just be tabs of various holidays he's looked up and half a sitcom starring someone called Roberto.