Monday, 23 April 2012

Return of the Richard Dunne

I come to you with electrifying news.... RICHARD DUNNE IS BACK IN TRAINING.  *rock guitar* *wailing solo* *light show*

Dunne looks like a miniature giant, and what I mean by that is that he looks like he grew up thinking he was a giant whilst living amongst a village of tiny people.  He always knew he was different but could never work out why, until one day he found out that his real Dad was an actual human and he'd been adopted.  Excited and devastated at the same time, he snuck out of the house to find him.

Overcoming adversity and befriending several hilarious creatures along the way, Dunne tracked his biological father back to his apartment in New York City where he set about trying to make a new life for himself.  Dunne Sr didn't pay an awful lot of attention to his son because he was a high flying lawyer and the big case was coming up and when he didn't even manage to turn up to Richard's birthday party, everyone knew this wasn't the life he craved.

Sailing to Aston Villa on a boat made out of lucozade bottles for extra energy and love, Dunne found out that sometimes your real family was around you all along.  And then Aston Villa finished 15th.  ACTION EXCITEMENT BUY SOME POPCORN BEFORE IT ALL RUNS OUT WWAAAAAAHHHHHH