Thursday, 19 April 2012

Referees in Scotland are now immortal

The SFA have decreed that Duncan Macleod is allowed to put his godly powers to use in football and can finally referee matches, with the mandatory retirement age of 47 being deleted.

Instead of forcing referees to stop doing what they love the most the minute they hit 47, the SFA will  judge them on fitness and performance, meaning that as seasons go by games will eventually take ever so slightly longer as referees tell players about the war after they book them.  This is obviously not relevant for the Highlander who would probably have actually cut Didier Drogba's head off last night had he been the referee.  The guy looks like he could bench press a digger, there's no way he gets injured that much from falling over.  I also think the SFA should really look into having celebrity officials to boost ratings because if every time Kyle Lafferty dived he got a stone cold stunner I'd not only enjoy it more, but he might finally just fuck off.