Monday, 23 April 2012

Real Madrid win the league.....almost

This is how far behind we've been.  Real Madrid beat Barcelona 2-1 about 2 or 3 days ago and then Pep Guardiola got down on one knee and handed the kingdom of La Liga to his opponent.

Because it's 30 years since the Spectrum came out I drew this picture about 3 weeks ago and how appropriate it is, for our hero, Cristiano Ronaldo who scored and inspired the boys from the Bernabeu to victory over their arch rivals.  Khedira scored first, Alexis Sanchez equalised, and then Ronny got the winner, finally proving all his 'can't do it in a big game' doubters wrong.

Guardiola might just be playing mind games with Mourinho, but the 7 point gap almost certainly means that Real will take the trophy home.  Unless Pep can force the Madrid team bus off the road with his telekinetic powers there's no way they're dropping that many points in 4 games but then again, stranger things have happened.  Like when David May won a Champions League winners medal.  Terrifying.