Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Reading are promoted

Reading won promotion to the Premier League the other day, beating Nottingham Forest 1-0 to secure their place in next season's fun and games.

The only thing that I like about Reading is that their mascot is called Kingsley and looks like the friendliest lion you've ever seen.  I'm struggling to think of any other friendly lions except Simba and his girlfriend........ oh Aslan was quite nice too I guess.  Perhaps it is Kingsley's ferociousness that drove Reading towards the Premiership and encouraged their good form that got them there, or perhaps it was the lure of all that money and knowing that once you've earned your promotion you get to watch a whole bunch of foreign players arrive at the club, earn more than you and do your job, while you have to sit on the bench instead or just watch the game at home and cry.  Enjoy next season, assorted players I have never heard of!