Thursday, 26 April 2012

Rangers fans are really nice

If there's one thing we know about Rangers its that their fans are really great guys. "How great" I hear you ask, and well you might for now they've started threatening members of the SFA who sanctioned punishments. Hooray!


Ally McCoist says he is disgusted by the behaviour of one group of Rangers fans who still don't seem to understand what's going on. Its almost as if their brains can't quite grasp the 'if you don't pay tax that is bad' rule we've pretty much had forever in the UK, and so the ones that have evolved enough to read and write have taken to leaving threatening and abusive messages for those members of the SFA that fined the club and enforced a transfer embargo for the next 12 months.

Just in case that didn't get their well thought out opinions heard, even more highly evolved Rangers fans that know what an Internet is are trying to organise a march on the Scottish Cup Final. Here are some of my favourite quotes from their forum:

I'm up for going to war right now! Cannot express in words how angry I feel! No fucking surrender! With a rifle or a pistol in my hand!
If 50 of us could get tickets for the game , at diffrent entrances , we could handcuff ourselves to the turnstiles in a silent protest.Like the suffragettes did trying to get votes for women
The only real solution I have for people like this is to have them put down, but apparently that level of social cleansing is frowned upon these days. There are of course some nice Rangers fans who don't wave Union Jack flags about and don't actively anticipate the day they get to stab someone, but it really is a small minority. Even the clever people I know who support them come out with some disgusting stuff whenever game time comes around. They say things like "boo to you, sir. That was jolly unfair" and then they high five an owl, who delivers crumpets to all the many slaves of Egypt in years gone by. The pyramids are quite nice aren't they? I went to sea world yesterday. Here is a picture of a fish