Saturday, 7 April 2012

Rangers debt might be £134million

Rangers still haven't made enough money from selling biscuits to pay back the oil tycoon who threatens to close them down, and things got even worse in the last few days because someone announced the debt might be £134million.  Which is quite a lot.

The credit crunch has hit the Glasgow club hard and they've discovered that spending money you don't actually have is a bad thing.  A whole bunch of businessmen have announced plans to bid for the club and make some money out of them restore their former glories but I don't care about who they are and can't even be arsed copying and pasting their names in here because that's the kind of guy I am.  I'd say the only thing left for the club to try and raise the funds necessary with is prostitution but they're already being screwed for money and most known diseases originally emanated from there.  Also the people who pay for their services tend to live in houses that smell of cigarette smoke and child abuse.  What a happy time.