Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Rangers are banned from signing players

We haven't been back to castle greyskull any time recently to see what's going on in Rangers land, but it turns out things were pretty much as we left them.  Except now they aren't allowed to sign anyone and Craig Whyte is banned from Europe, or going to football games or something.

Good old Rangers have been banned from signing any players over the age of 18 for 12 months  as a direct punishment for going into administration and bringing the game into disrepute, while Craig Whyte has been banned for life from any involvement in Scottish football.  That's actually probably quite convenient for him because Scottish football sucks, as well you may know.  Sure, it might be important when Aberdeen play in a semi-final against Hibs, but once that game is over it just isn't worth watching anymore and the fact this is now a one team league makes it even worse.  The only thing that could stop Celtic winning absolutely every trophy next year is if Neil Lennon is still in charge.  OH NO HE DIDN'T!

Oh yes I did.