Tuesday, 3 April 2012

QPR will ban coin thrower

Struggling Premiership side QPR have promised to find the fan that threw a coin at assistant referee Stuart Burt and BAN HIM FOREVER!!!

During the victory over Arsenal at the weekend, Burt found himself the victim of a savage coin attack by a member of the crowd, and when the referee halted play for 2 minutes to find the culprit, the surrounding crowd members all pointed towards where the missile had been thrown from. I think the word missile is slightly misleading here because if you read that someone had fired a missile at a referee would you not also assume it meant a rocket? That's what I grew up thinking a missile was, I had no idea F-19s just went around throwing coins at referees. You'll never win a war that way! Unless the war is against poverty..... My god..... Somebody get me the pentagon, I have an idea! Shoes.... For dogs.