Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Porto fined, UEFA aren't taking this seriously

UEFA and FIFA are so desperate to eradicate racism from not only football, but life, that they fine clubs when supporters abuse players in a racial manner.  But not that much because it doesn't really matter.

Mario Balotelli was the subject of UEFA's latest investigation after Porto fans made monkey chants at him during the Europa League match between the Portugeuese champions and Man City.  Because UEFA takes this so seriously they have fined Porto an enormous £16,700 which should have everyone at the club wailing in terror for the financial turmoil they find themselves in now as a result of their horrible bigotry.  Or they could just add 10 pence on to a pie at the next game and make all the money back.  

To put this into perspective, when Arsene Wenger criticised a referee in Arsenal's game against AC Milan he was fined £40,000 and banned for 3 matches but if a club fails to persecute blatant racism they get less than half that.  And aren't banned.  Yes that makes perfect sense to me.  I'm off to the shops to buy myself a new slave since I hear they are all the rage just now.  I wonder if I can play Angry Birds on him.  I should probably get the 32gb version just incase.