Thursday, 19 April 2012

Norwich City kit leaked on internet

A 17 year old Norwich City fan put top secret photos of the new Norwich City kit online and has angered the club as a result.  He's now very sorry.  JESUS TITTY LICKING CHRIST, LOOK AT HOW DIFFERENT THAT SHIRT IS

Wow.  I for one am truly shocked because this is a complete overhaul of last season's strip - what was the boy thinking putting this up?  Someone could have died.  Before this picture I assumed the team would be wearing neon pink with a picture of a dog on a rocket ship on the front.

Chris Brown (the boy who posted the pictures, not the one that beat up Rihanna) managed to take the pictures from a section of the Norwich website that was under construction and angry officials have vowed to protect their intellectual property by contacting police to take care of the matter.  Brown said:
I'm sorry for any offence I might have caused to the club, but I would never do anything malicious or spiteful because I do have an interest and love the football club.
And then they went and called the cops on him.  Nice one guys, that's a great way to reward a loyal fan.  I used to work in Pittodrie when I was like 16 and the combined amount of food I stole could honestly have paid Arild Stavrum's wages.  Then again, I didn't post the pies on the internet, which is a bit worse.  If I could download pies through the internet I definitely would but apparently that technology doesn't exist yet. What are the scientists even doing with their time these days?!!