Saturday, 14 April 2012

Nicolas Anelka: Player-Coach

Five months ago Nicolas Anelka left the Premier League to play in the land of china. It didn't take Anelka long to realise he knew far more than the coaches, the owners agreed and now he is the coach. Well played Nicolas.

That's Nicolas Anelka playing in the Chinese Super League, there are so many things wrong with this sentence, including my grammar. I cannot believe that photograph, that is Nicolas Anelka who has played for Arsenal, PSG, Real Madrid and Chelsea playing in China, what is he doing? The tactic to give Anelka the ball and watch him score lots of goals has not paid off so far. He has only scored about twice and they have only won two games.

In desperate need of change, they decided that Anelka might as well take charge of the training sessions since he is Nicolas Anelka. They had Jean Tigana in charge, I cannot figure out Jean Tigana, has he done anything in his managerial career to allow him to keep getting jobs? I remember he won the Championship with Fulham but he did have a ridiculous amount of money to spend, he even spent £2m on Steve Marlet. A quick look through his Wikipedia page tells me that he has been sacked from every job he has had, stop hiring him!

Anelka confirmed that he was Shenhua's new player-coach on Twitter, which confirmed just how utterly ridiculous this whole situation is.